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ColdSunshine vs KlugMan
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There’s a Cold War narrative going on here. ColdSunshine is an intelligent, mobile weapon project, commissioned by Brezhnev, and built in Irkutsk ― a top-secret military facility in the frozen wastes of northern Siberia. Agent Klugman is a CIA field agent. I imagine him as being like Oscar Madison from the TV series The Odd Couple, played by the actor Jack Klugman ― a cool, wisecracking New Yorker. After a near-fatal accident, Agent Klugman is re-built as a cyborg code-named KlugMan. He’s now mostly electronic components and biomechanics but he retains his urbane humanity.

Who will win when ColdSunshine and KlugMan go head-to-head?

India ink, graphite, oil paint and rubber stamp on found paper.
© 2020