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Dream House
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V&A Museum of Childhood
PWO designed this modular display system for a touring exhibition curated by the V&A Museum of Childhood. The installation consists of a set of interlocking plywood cubes and plinths that can be arranged in different configurations.

The museum commissioned 19 artists, designers and architects to create their ‘dream room’ within each of the 30-centimetre cubes. The completed cubes are stacked together to create the Dream House. The contributors are:

Mister Peebles
Orly Orbach
Pearson Lloyd
Reuben Le Prevost/Jessica Sutton/East London Furniture
Roger Arquer
Design K
Ina Hyun/K Shin
Katy Christianson
Dominic Wilcox
Molly Meg
Donna Wilson
Pantxika Ospital/Jentil
Bethan Wood
Rosa and Clara Designs
Peter Marigold
Dionne Sylvester
Nancy Edwards

Constructed from CNC-routed FSC plywood with integrated LED lighting. Fabrication by Milner Project Services Ltd.
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