Public Works Office
Gifts for the gods: Animal mummies revealed
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Manchester Museum / Glasgow Museums / National Museums Liverpool
Public Works Office designed this touring exhibition commissioned by Manchester Museum, the University of Manchester, Glasgow Museums and National Museums Liverpool.

The exhibition presents the research of the Ancient Egyptian Biobank Project and displays over a hundred mummified cats, crocodiles, fish, snakes and birds originally buried in catacombs as votive offerings in the last dynasty (Late–Ptolemaic Period 664–30 BC) of ancient Egypt.

The exhibition also includes paintings, archive photography and 3D-printed models of the skeletal remains inside the unwrapped mummies.

The demountable structure of the exhibition is constructed of simple timber framing clad with printed and stencilled plywood panels. This modular structure allows the exhibition to be reconfigured to suit different venues. The design uses a predominantly green colour palette, symbolic of the verdant landscape of the Nile Delta.

The exhibition is expected to receive 400,000 visitors by the end of its tour. We're thrilled that the show has won the CityLife Awards for Best Exhibition 2016.

Museums Journal / January 2016:
'From a design perspective, the green palette also contrasts well with the predominantly organic materials, and brightens the exhibition space – an excellent way of tackling the low light levels required for the material.'
'...content and interpretation comes across as new and exciting, yet the subject is matter is handled sensitively...'
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