Public Works Office
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BBC Radio 4 / RIBA competition entry
Public Works Office joined forces with environmental graphic designer Studio HB to develop this competition entry for a pop-up recording booth for BBC Radio 4's Listening Project.

The brief calls for a compact and welcoming space where people can record a conversation that matters deeply to them, with a separate space for the recordist, out of sight so as to allow the conversation to flow freely.

The design proposes a nest-like structure of carbon-fibre rods and layers of laser-cut felt that can be assembled quickly in an ad-hoc fashion. There's no wrong way to do it - the nest can be always slightly different like the conversations recorded inside.

The nest is made from a simple set of components:
- 9 deck panels
- 3 screens with door openings
- 3 felt-lined stools
- 1 felt-lined bench
- 1 boom for microphones and lighting
- 44 carbon-fibre poles
- 44 laser-cut felt shapes
- neoprene connectors
- a fan unit
- a power junction box

The pod's flexible interior space can accommodate up to three people. The layered felt exterior provides ideal acoustic and thermal conditions.
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