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Nine rows
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Yeats 2015 Architectural Competition
PWO’s entry for the Yeats 2015 architectural competition proposes a temporary timber structure on the Isle of Innisfree, County Sligo, Republic of Ireland.

Nine rows is inspired by the theme of Yeats’ poem The Lake Isle Of Innisfree: the desire to escape from a harsh urban environment, if only in our imagination, to a solitary, rural existence. The proposed structure marks a symbolic point of transition to a place of serenity.

The design introduces a light presence that suggests different possibilities of use: a dock or mooring point; a gateway; a viewing platform; a place to read or contemplate.

The installation and removal makes no environmental impact. No harmful materials or processes are used in the construction ― the structure can be assembled with hand-tools and doesn't require concrete, adhesives, paint finishes or sealants.
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