Public Works Office
Prehistoric garden
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Herbert Art Gallery and Museum competition entry
Public Works Office and environmental graphic designer Studio HB submitted this competition entry for an early-years summer installation at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum in Coventry. In the 'Prehistoric garden' children explore a landscape of lights and shadows, shapes and colours.

The central timber structure is made up of fret-cut panels with timber supports. The structure is quite open but gives a sense of semi-enclosure that children can explore, and crawl and climb in and out of it's openings. Lights playing over the structure create dramatic shadows. The negative shapes cut out of the panels are fixed above and children can rotate these to animate the shadows cast on the walls of the Studio space.

Another timber structure houses LED lamps allowing children to make wall shadows using their hands or torn paper.

A number of cushion and cut fabric shapes suggest simple plant forms e.g. branch and leaf shapes. We see families moving and piling these soft-forms into nests – and even stuff them through openings in the fret timber panels.

Suspended strips of clear PVC with a printed pattern can be peeped or walked through.
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